SAVE $500 + GET $575 in BONUSES

SAVE $500 + GET $575 in BONUSES


Welcome to the Breast Milk Jewelry training studio!

My proven step-by-step process on how to launch your own luxury Breastmilk Jewelry Business as a stand-alone OR as an add-on to your existing Birth Worker Business.

Let me guess...

You've seen BREAST MILK Jewelry and thought to yourself "WOW, I wish I could do that"

How would it feel to..

Tap into your passion around motherhood and breastfeeding and turn it into a thriving business that honors the mother child bond while supporting your family!

Do you...

  • Feel called in to help others celebrate breastfeeding?
  • Feel called to find a way to generate additional income that works around YOUR family without having to leave home?
  • Feel called to use your passions to generate income?


Imagine if you could have

Help others celebrate and find peace in breastfeeding

The coolest part of this running a breast milk jewelry business is getting to create pieces that truly mean the world. These pieces hold SO much healing powers and that part will never get old.

Discover a sense of purpose in your passions!

I had completely lost myself in motherhood and didn't know who I was anymore. Running a breast milk jewelry company that started as a passion has filled my soul with SO much purpose.

Build your dream business and create abunance!

Because of Wild Flowers & Milk my husband and I are both able to stay home and raise our babies together as a team. This has been life changing for our family and such a blessing! Work.Life.Balance

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I'm Sadiee, that crazy breast milk lady

I've been an entrepeurer for over 15 years I've been blessed to always have a knack for following my passions in life. POV: I'm in the weaning process with my second babe, I hit a mental low, craving community just as the world decided to take a pause. With my consulting/photography business on hold, I funneled my pent-up creative energy into learning breast milk jewelry.

After MONTHS of trial and error I soft launched my offerings as a 'side hustle.' Fast forward 6,500 orders later my "crazy" idea turned into my dream job and an amazing community. Who knew? Throughout this experience, I've mastered a business workflow and blueprint that can be duplicated by anyone with the determination to bring it to life. I've been able to scale this business all while having three little kids at home! Every morning, I wake up feeling grateful and humbled by the incredible support for my brand.

Getting here wasn't easy, but its my mission to teach you how

I'M SHARING MY SECRET STRATEGY & STEP-BY-STEP process to launching your own

My proven step-by-step process on how to launch your own luxury Breastmilk Jewelry Business as a stand-alone OR as an add-on to your existing Birth Worker Business.

10 Modules + Bonus Material that take you through how to create jewelry and other keepsakes with Breast Milk, Placenta, Hair, Ashes, and beyond. This masterclass is designed to take you from 'crazy idea' to creating, lauching, marketing, & selling!

  • 10 Jam-Packed, Self-Paced Modules
  • Hours of Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • Learn to Launch & SCALE (as big as you want!)

Launch your own luxury Breastmilk Jewelry Business NOW.

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

Here's what past students AROUND the world have to say...


Just finished the course, it was actually addictive. Loved all your systems and processes, I think we are totally birds of a feather with the logistics side of running a business. I totally geek out on stuff like that


I got my first order today and I can't help but feel so grateful for all your help! Because of your masterclass, I've started the business of my DREAMS while still being able to be home with my babies! THANK YOU!!!


Being able to add these offerings into my birth worker business has truly been life-changing during my slow seasons. I'm able to still generate income and work less while providing such a meaningful experience to my clients. I couldn't have done it without Sadiee's masterclass!


Inside the course I teach you everything you need to know

  • Support along the way. Every student gets ACCESS to me! I limit enrollment so that I can remain accessible for questions 1:1 via email. I TRULY want you to succeed and I'm here for you!
  • You'll have access to my FULL supplier list!Everything from odds and end supplies to where I source my rings, necklaces, chains, jump rings, and deets on my preserving powder! This list ALONE is worth the $$
  • My shipment & email checklist! I'll walk you through shipping and make sure you are confident in your customer experience + behind the scenes workflow of my shipment processing + you'll get Get access to pre-written email templates.

If you feel a calling to create Breast Milk Jewelry

as a business offering then THIS is for you!

Get ready to BE inspired and excited about creating breast milk jewelry. Unlock my proven quality creation methods that will make you feel confident and want to stand behind your newest offering!

Take out all the guesswork with the opportunity to offer Breast Milk Jewelry! You'll have a full understanding of the process from start to finish! You'll KNOW how to sell, market, and CREATE!

Save time & $ by having access to my direct supplier list! You'll be set up for success knowing what suppliers can handle volume & have consistent quality control!

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

Let's turn your PASSIONS into profits with Breast Milk Jewelry!

Imagine how amazing it would be to have a BREAST MILK JEWELRY business!

Launch a stand-alone business OR add these offerings to your existing birth worker business.

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

Don't just take my word for it...

1000s of happy customers around the world have been impacted by my Breast Milk Jewelry. This line of work is SO meaningful and impactful - It's not soemthing that should be taken lightly.

"I've just received my ring, and I was in tears and speechless. Happy tears! It is so beautifully crafted, and packaged with so much love. It really gave me a sense of empowerment and made me feel so proud of my breastfeeding journey. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. It was absolutely worth the wait."

– Elena

"Today I feel like a defeated mother knowing damn well knowing my kid is thriving under my care. I just felt low today. So I decided to put on the necklace you made me a year ago and somehow I feel lifted, reminded, validated and all around super power filled."


Unlock everything you need to do launch your own Breast Milk Jewelry Business

Launch your Breast Milk Jewelry Business as a stand-alone OR as an add-on to your existing Birth Worker Business.

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

Business Basics to set yourself up for sucess.

Offering breast milk jewelry entails way more than just creating. I'll unpack the nitty gritty details about setting yourself up for success. I'm truly an open book and don't hold anything back.

  • 411 on all things Social Media & Website! You don't think I'd leave you in the dark when it comes to promoting your Breast Milk Jewelry, did you?! Let's dive into learning the must-haves for your website and best practices for promoting and growing your social media!
  • Setting up to backend in a way that keeps things organized. Learn how to set up your creating station and my must-have supplies (w/full list) I use for every order! Learn best practices for creating your custom orders and what I do with every order.
  • How to build a customer experience + my entire workflow! I'll walk you through one of my orders START to finish and take you through my customer journey. You'll learn how to build an experience for your customers and how to handle the behind-the-scenes of taking orders!

Create with me!

You'll learn how to create with a 2-part resin + UV resin + preserving milk. You'll be able to uncover common troubleshooting issues and learn how to use different inclusions! These tutorials are VERY visual!

  • Full tutorial + supply list on preserving milk! After LOTS of trial and error, I've perfected preserving breast milk! I'll show you everything from my supplies, and my setup, to my actual workflow in my preserving breast milk process!
  • Create with TWO different types of resin + my exact creation methods! You'll be able to make an informed choice about what method you want to create!
  • Explore creating with inclusions and we chat all about designing a piece! Uncover your creating style and what you enjoy working with most.

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!


Did I mention you get access to $575 worth of Bonuses???

Class Kit

Value $100

Class kit has almost everything you need to get started! I'll mail you some of my favorite starter supplies! (Includes 2 packs of preserving power + 2 jewelry blanks)

1:1 Strategy Call with ME!

Value $225

1:1 strategy call with me to chat about the biz! We can go over anything you feel like you need help with on this call. Social media, website, creation trouble shooting etc.

Bonus Video Creation Tutorials

Value $250

In this section I deep dive into things beyond breast milk! You'll learn Gemstones, Ashes, and Hair!


If you're ready to step into purpose and launch your own Breast Milk Jewelry Biz then this MASTERCLASS is for you!

  • Learn my workflow START to finish!

I'll walk you through every step of creating an order from landing the sale to post shipment!

  • Feel confident in your suppliers!

Finding suppliers was the hardest part of starting this business! You'll feel confident and secure with direct access to my supplier list!

  • Course outcome here

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Let's do this!

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

Whats Included:

Support via email

I'm here to help you trouble shoot! I purposely limit enrollment so I can remain in 1:1 contact with my students! A lot of my students love sending voice memos with my back and forth on IG!

Masterclass Library

Lifetime access to the course so you can go back ANY time you need to rewatch something + any bonuses that are added later you'll get grandfathered into them!

$575 in BONUS offers!

Don't leave your bonuses on the table these are EPIC! 1:1 call with me, class kit with my favorite items, and BONUS creation tutorials that go beyond breastmilk!

Office Hour Support Time

Starting in March 2024 I'll be hosting open office hours for one hour each month! You'll get a zoom link and can hop on and ask questions to me REAL time!

Get started now for $340!

4 Monthly


$460 $340

One Time


$1499 $999

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

I'm HERE to HELP you WIN!

Real TALK? When I entered this industry I was met with a LOT of gate keeping. I've had it on my heart to share all that I know with others. I truly LOVE seeing my students have wins and succeed. There is always enough clients for all of us and to tell you the truth the world needs MORE talented, trustworthy, and passionate artists!

Still have questions?

  • Is this just for breast milk jewelry? While there is a heavy focus on breast milk jewelry you'll be able to take these creation methods and create other keepsakes as well outside of jewelry! There are in-depth video tutorials on working with Ashes, Hair, Placenta, & other creative inclusions! The possibilities are TRULY endless!

  • I'm a stay-at-home mom would I be a good fit?I built this business with littles at home! I do recommend having dedicated work time for creating as you won't want littles around the actual creation process but I built my business 'after hours' and during nap times! Most of my students are mamas with littles running around!

  • What if I just want to offer this to locals?This is truly up to you! The coolest thing about my business model is you can TRULY make it whatever you want. You're able to scale it up or down! You can do this business just locally or scale it worldwide! You can do this business as an add-on to your existing birth worker business OR do it as a standalone!

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

If your serious about changing your life, start today with the Breast Milk Jewelry Business MASTERCLASS

You are just a few clicks away from unlocking your income-generating PASSION & changing your LIFE! Claim your $575 in FREE bonus offers like your class kit!

  • Preserving breast milk
  • Creating Methods with 2 resin type
  • Designing breast milk jewelry with me
  • Dive into ashes, placenta, hair, & more!

Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!


This offer EXPIRES in...


Enroll now to save $500 + CLAIM $575 in bonus offers!

I'm can't wait to see you inside the course!

I'm SO excited to be along side you wild you build the business of your FREAKIN' dreams!

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