Wild Flowers & Milk

From their first latch... to their last... and everything in-between...

Jewely made with YOUR breastmilk! Our pieces are as unique as your journey. Those sweet Milky Moments will fade into Milky Memories. We offer a way to preserve your bond into a keepsake to hold onto forever.

We specialize in creating custom pieces with breast milk and flowers but also offer pieces with other meaningful inclusions like ashes, placenta, hair, and beyond!

Let me guess...since you're reading this...

you've got some breast milk you want to send off?

  • We only need HALF an ounce of milk
  • Fresh, frozen, expired is ALL good!
  • You can send us samples from multiple journeys!
  • Mailing is VERY easy & you do NOT need to ship it on ice.

Breast Milk Jewelry is:

  • A reminder of how strong you are
  • A celebration of you reaching your goals
  • A reminder of your perseverance
  • A way to commemorate your bond
  • A reminder that it's OKAY to stop
  • A way to honor an angel baby

Breast Milk Jewelry is ANYTHING you want it to mean! Some people order it for deep emotions, sometimes healing reasons, or others just want it JUST because!

Hey! I'm Sadiee

Mama to THREE littles! I started Wild Flowers & Milk at an all time mental low, but from that- something beauitful was born.

POV: I was weaning my second baby- Still deep in my postpartum depression/anxiety - and feeling all the BIG feels. I was ready to wean, but I didn't think he was and I had immense mom guilt over it. I was about to reach my breaking point.

I set out on a mission to figure out breastmilk jewelry & the rest is history! I've been able to serve over 6,000+ amazing families in preserving their milky memories into beautiful pieces of jewelry. I'm beyond honored I get to call this my job & beyond grateful for my customers who support my small business!

Wild Flowers & Milk

A brand inspired by motherhood.

Our Mission:

Our Mission at Wild Flowers & Milk to empower moms to stop playing the compare game and encourage them to take a moment to stop and celebrate themselves for the AMAZING humans they are! Know they ARE doing a good job and making a real difference.

Design the piece of your DREAMS!


Design your piece with your breast milk giving all the main character energy vibes.


Add extra personality to your piece with shimmers, flakes, crushed opal, and/or flowers!

Other inclusions

Design a piece with or without breast milk with other meaninful inclusions like placenta, ashes, hair, & beyond.

Wild Flowers & Milk Jewelry Drops!

Wild Flowers & Milk operates on a Jewelry Drop System - We only accept orders during drops. We offer Jewelry Drops several times throughout the year and our waitlist always gets first dibs on the creation slots.

But WHY?!

  • Because I’m ONE person and I want to be able to POUR my heart into your piece.
  • So I can take the TIME to connect with you and your story.
  • For my family balance so I could show up as the best mom, wife, and friend.
  • So my customers would be more mindful about designing and ordering their pieces.
  • I created the jewelry drop system to BE better!

Jewelry drops allow me the time to REALLY connect. Tap into the PASSION I have when I’m creating.

I want to make sure that I’m doing this for the right reason, and that I am mindful and centered before I start working on ANY piece. The Jewelry drop system provides ALL this for me AND YOU.

How does this work?!

We only need HALF an ounce of your breastmilk to work with. Once you place your order, I reach out personally, within 48 business hours, to confirm your order requests AND get you all the info you need to know about next steps for mailing your milk/other inclusions!

We reccomend having inspo pictures or even a hand drawn sketch if you have a special design in mind. Or you can leave the design up to me! You can reply to your order confrimation with these so I can refrence them during the creating process.

  • Once I get your milk into my system I'll email you!
  • Then your milk is prepped for my perserving process where I turn it into a paste.
  • It dries for 2+ days & it's ready to grind into a power.
  • From there I'm able to create a breastmilk stone & set it into your jewelry!
  • Each and every order is created & packaged up with so much love and care!

How do I know it's really my milk?!

I built my business on integrity and it remains at the core of Wild Flowers & Milk. We have a dedicated workshop space for processing and creating. I'm always sharing lots of behind the scenes on our Instagram page. I always aim to be as transparent as possible! I am TRULY honored to be able to create these pieces and I would never do anything to tarnish the trust my customers have for me during this process.

PS: Your MILK never leaves your order form!

This is part of my secure labeling system! Through our entire creating/shipment process your milk sample and jewelry STAYS with your order form the ENTIRE time. Everything is TRIPLE labeled. You can rest assured that you will be getting a piece back that has YOUR milk.

Choosing Wild Flowers & Milk isn't just about Jewelry...

It's about the experience.

I'm dedicated to giving my customers an amazing experience from start to finish! I stand behind my creation methods and quailty of my pieces. When you order with me you aren't just ordering jewelry.

  • You are getting a chance to share YOUR story!
  • You are getting CELEBRATED!
  • You are being HEARD & seen in your struggles and wins!
  • You are getting a package in the mail that will serve as a reminder for how strong and amazing you truly are!

Join the Wild Wait List!

Don't miss your chance to order during our next drop in January 2024!

After you join the waitlist you'll get an email with next steps you need to know about our ordering process!

If you've been holding onto that breast milk waiting

to find the right company YOU'VE found it!


Can my milk be old?

Heck yes! The oldest milk I've worked had been frozen for 18+ year old! Age of the milk truly doesn't matter. As long as there is no mold present we can use it!

Is this only for US?

Nope! We are based in Tampa Bay, Florida USA but we accept & ship orders worldwide. Mailing milk is super easy and you don't have to ship it cold!

Can I get my ring wet?

We recommend removing before water activies- However; I will say personally I don't do this and haven't had any issues. Biggest culprits of damage= hand santizer & harsh cleaning chemicals.

Do you keep my milk?

After we create your order there is ALWAYS extra preserved milk left. We store this in our secure filing system for future orders! Many customers have 2/3/4 milk samples from different babies

on file with us!

Can I send milk prior to ordering?

Sorry sis! No, we need to have an order in our system before we accept your milk into our system! We reccomend storing half an ouce for us in your freezer until you can order.

Turn around time?

You can always view our turn around time on our website - We on average quote 12-20 weeks though always aim for sooner than what we quote! This allows time for us to create the best pieces possible.

Ring size help?!

Due to the breastmilk stone our rings cannot be resized - We HIGHLY reccomend stopping by a local jeweler to get professional sized! This is the best method for getting an accurate ring size.

Do you charge extra for designs/inclusions?

No! You can get as wild as you want with designs/inclusions (even sending more than one milk sample) everything is included in the price you see!

Pricing for our keepsakes start at $175.

Payment plans are available with shop pay!

What my customers are saying!

JAW.ON.FLOOR I just opened up my package. You blew it OUT of the park. This is even more beauitful than I imagined. Somehow you captured my entire journey in one tiny stone. This piece means more than you'll ever know. Thank you thank you thank you - Jenn

Today I feel like a defeated mother knowing damn well knowing my kid is thriving under my care. Maybe it’s my marriage and my priorities of taking care of her and our home but I just felt low today. So I decided to put on the necklace you made me a year ago and somehow I feel lifted, reminded, validated and all around super power filled. - Emily

Being able to have a piece of my angel baby with my where ever I go is something I cannot put into words. This isn't the journey I expected to be on with baby M but the healing power of this necklace is something I can't explain. Thank you SO much - Brittany

My journey didn't go as expected and coming to terms with that has been hard. It's easy to beat myself up over my 'failed' journey. This ring you made me has brought me so much peace and self worth over this entire journey. You are a true gift to the world - Samantha

I promise, I'm worth the wait! ;)

Our next drop will be in January 2024! Jump on our waitlist for FIRST dibs!! You'll get an email with next steps to help prep you for ordering the piece of your dreams.

I cannot WAIT to see your name on the waitlist!

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